Porters 'Last Night's Supper' Mural
This gallery shows the mural that was commissioned by Porters English Restaurant (formerly located in Covent Garden.)  The format was loosely based on the painting, the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Porters version had more characters - some famous and some more 'locally famous'.  It was hand painted directly onto the wall of their upstairs gallery.

The painting represented the previous night's supper at Porters, with each of the characters in jovial spirits and interacting with each other.  In the background, Jason recreated all of the other paintings and murals he had already created in other parts of the restaurant.

Sadly the murals are no more as the restaurant moved from Covent Garden to Berkhampsted in 2015.

'Last Night's Supper'

The characters (on the mural) from left to right: Red Rum; Richard, Earl of Bradford (Restaurant Owner); Barbara Windsor; Bob Crow; Nick Faldo; Boris Johnson; Jeremy Hunt; Adam Garfield (Restaurant Manager); Stephen Fry; Cheryl Cole; Simon Cowell; Ian Botham; Prince Philip; Mick Jagger, Jenson Button; 'Del Boy'; Denzil the local traffic warden; Simon Piemaker (looking suspiciously like Sid James)
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